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Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Photo Booth

A Photo Booth is an automated photography system that lets a user start a photo session that can take one or more images and in some cases view a live image for each photo so that they can orient themselves. The output is often multiple images on a single printed page.

Many Photo Booths are aimed at people at a party that are just having some fun and do not care about the quality of the photo. Green Screen Wizard supports the party folks but it also can be configured to offer very high quality output. The benefit is that you can configure the booth to be fast and efficient with few user choices or you can configure it to produce high quality images with lots of use selected options.

The Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth extends a simple Photo Booth system by adding green screen support with its proven best of class green screen engine. It also gives support for sandwich overlays in even in the live view mode.

Buying this Photo Booth software is like buying a two programs. You get all the capabilities of Green Screen Wizard Pro and you also get a programmable Photo Booth system.

Version 4 introduces a new concept called Image Definitions. An Image Definition can select the output image size and layout, how backgrounds are assigned or selected, and if there is an overlay. Finally the Image Definition can select an icon to represent itself.

You can select up to 8 image definitions for the opening screen.

Here are a few ways the Photo Booth can be used:

o A classic Photo Booth with no green screening
o A an automated portrait system, offering multiple backgrounds or overlays
o A Photo Booth that takes a single image on a predefined background
o A Photo Booth that lets users choose if they would like a single or a Photo Booth style output.
o A Photo Booth that gives the choice of backgrounds for multiple images

Output includes:

o And size and quality image
o Photo Booth style strips with multiple images and custom backgrounds
o Support for any windows printer
o Email Support
o Image Texting to smart phones

All of these variations are achieved with the Photo Booth's program editor and Green Screen Wizards enhanced printer template editor.

Some of the key feature of the Photo Booth Software

o Complete selection of Image size and resolution
o Powerful Green Screen Engine applied to final output
o Define output templates, with custom backgrounds.
o Live preview with green screen removal and overlays
o Mirror preview so your movements look like your are standing in front of a mirror
o Customize the look of the screen with selectable Booth Skins
o Select backgrounds or overlay folders
o Control over how the user selects backgrounds
o Select output offered, Printing Email or Texting
o Create as many programs as you like with custom settings and message in each one
o Multiple camera support, Nikon, Canon and Webcam